Free Wi-Fi 1st Floor Recreation

On April 3, 2015 the TDVA installed Wi-Fi services at the 1st floor recreation room, now Veterans can use this high speed service while they wait at the number of locations close by. Any time you  see this sign you know that the internet is just a click away. We at TDVA also provide Wi-Fi for the Spinal Cord Injury Unit: In-Patient, Out-Patient, Recreation, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy. TDVA also provides this service to Polytrauma Transitional Rehabilitation Program (P.T.R.P.) for Veterans recovering from traumatic brain injury. Thank you so much to those that give so much.

TDVA Donates to the Comfort Program

TDVA Donated $1,000.00 to the Comfort Program today at San Antonio's Veterans Administrative Volunteer Services (VAVS). This program provides items that we so often take for granted. Some of the items are:  tooth brushes, tooth paste, dental floss and tote bags personal hygiene items, razors, shampoo, and body wash, also bus tickets for Homeless Veterans to get to and from their appointments. We at TDVA applaud all those involved in helping to make this happen.


13th Annual Patriot Warrior Foundation Hunt

TDVA was invited to the Mason, Texas Hunt for the Patriot Warrior Foundation. This was a free hunt that is put on for Veterans by this very special Community of Ranchers just giving back to those that give so much. 53 Veterans where there to hunt this last weekend and a lot of the harvest was donated.  This was the 13th Annual so God bless Mason, Texas.

TDVA's Xmas Cheer

On the 9th of December TDVA had it's annual giving of the presents at the Audie L. Murphy, Spinal Cord Unit Over 80 Staff members joined in the fun, 25 Patients and 40 bags of goodies where passed out. It is just our way of giving back  to those that give so much on a daily basis. God Bless...


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